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If you’ve no idea where you’re heading, how on earth are you going to get there? I’ve been privileged to have used my experience and knowledge as a strategic advisor for organisations all over the world. I help companies create goals and give them the tactics they’ll need to get the best possible outcome in the future.

Angel Investment

I never invest in a company that I cannot personally add value to. Before I start working with anyone, I like to know what makes them tick so we spend time getting to know our invests to make sure we can all work harmoniously and effectively together. Apart from funding, we also help them plug into other external networks and resources such as legal advice, branding and marketing to allow us all to develop the company’s potential more effectively.


When I was in charge of a successful, multi-million dollar company, I wasn’t happy. I would show up to work each day with no idea about what I should be doing. I didn’t know how to lead or how to act. The company almost outgrew me. This was an incredibly uncomfortable feeling and it’s a common problem with entrepreneurial leaders we work with. I would say one in three suffers from depression or anxiety.


DEA, GoDo Entrepreneur of the year, Go:Tech Awards, CleanTech Innovate, Northern Ireland Entrepreneur (3 consecutive years) And Many More


Branding is all about delivering promises to your customers and your people – and success is measured by a company’s ability to deliver on those promises every single time. Branding is far more than a logo, name or corporate colour. The brand strategy that sits behind it is an enormous part of building a successful business. I help clients clearly define their brand and what it stands for, allowing them to make effective decisions to drive their company forward.


Marketing culminates in Sales when your customers’ value of their benefits exceed the price of the product or service. You generate successful sales only because you complete positive Product Development, Price, Positioning, and Promotion. In fact, you will want your business to be a marketing business. This is where I come into my own, my speciality.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford

David Joseph Schwartz

“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Thing big goals and win big success.”

David Joseph Schwartz

William Arthur Ward

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

William Arthur Ward

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