Ford Escorts

A Red Escort belong to Mark McCormick sitting on a side street in Dublin, Ireland

Mark McCormick's Escort outside his home in Ireland
Mark McCormick’s Escort – Ireland

The 33-year-old car comes with its original tires and paintwork

Mark described it as a ‘fine vintage wine’.

He went on to further say ‘Not a single parking mark to body, and wheels never been refurbished – this car is 100% factory original, and unlikely ever to be repeated’.

George from Northern Ireland says Mark loves his escort more than him, and calls it his prize possession.


Mark enjoys Book clubs, and social events.

He said ‘Dublin city centre had the best book clubs, and from time to time I would still meet up with them’, when his busy schedule allows.

Mark McCormick favourite book club in Dublin city centre Ireland
Dublin Ireland Book Club


He is an avid writer and wants to go into publishing in the latter of his career

He wants to publish his own book some day and went on to toy with the idea of what he would call it, he jokingly said ‘Mark McCormick Computer Genius’ or ‘Mark McCormick Escort Enthusiast’.

Lets hope he really is joking.