A Renowned Irish Tech Entrepreneur Mark McCormick

Mark McCormick

A Renowned Irish Tech Entrepreneur

Mark is one of the most important figures in the start up space in Europe and is an active investor, mentor and advisor to numerous companies and organizations, including governmental and non-profits, around the world.

After early investments in some of the now biggest brands in the world, Mark decided in 2010 to look at the possibility of an online business.

His husband George, stay at home dad to Nancy, suggested they start a one-stop shop web design, hosting and services operations. At the time, this type of business was booming all over the internet. Mark handled everything from the company’s marketing and public relations while George, concentrated on the client base for their new business.

From here Mark never looked back, the company expanded and he branched out.

Mark sold the company no less than 2 years later, and he started to attract attention from an attractive client list, to date Mark has worked with all the biggest brands.

Mark made the decision to move back to Northern Ireland to strengthen his family heritage. You can follow there story on Instagram.

He has identified that while he is still young he wants to give back and help others who may not have the financial resources that he has.

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